Scenic Design

Rebecca Strom

Designer Spotlight

The following images take you through the process that scenic designers use to create the show.  

Concept Sketches 

Concept sketches are used to pick a specific direction in design. 

White Model

This is the preliminary set with no color.

Prelim. Color Rendering 

Preliminary color renderings are used to nail down colors before painting the model and making other renderings. 

Scenic Model Photos 

The final 1/4"  model would have been the precursor to the real set, it is crucial to make sure the team likes how everything looks before the build process begins.

Paint Renderings 

These renderings were made so the paint team would be able to color match everything from the model to the set. These then became a guide for me again, when we decided to build and paint a 1" model. I was able to compare paints directly to these swatches to make sure it was consistent and accurate.

Scenic Ground Plan

The ground plan is one of the many drawing plates scenic designers make for the team, to ensure everything will fit on the stage, and that no hazards are caused by their placement. It also helps the stage management team tape out their rehearsal room, and gives the technical direction team insight into how they might want to build the set.