Lighting Design

Erik Frederiksen

Designer Spotlight

Erik's Process

I usually start a show by making collages of select moments within the show that I find myself inspired by. I find reference images for mood and looks that I want to lean into. I present five of these moments at one of our initial production meetings. This allows the design team to gain a look into my head and what I mean when I discuss my concept for a show. When we moved to a digital format, I created a collage for each musical number to take the place of actually being able to see the light. 


Switching to an online format has been a challenging task as a lighting designer. It is quite tricky to talk about light because until we are actually in a room looking at the light, we are all going to interpret my words differently. For example, when I say the color green, you may have a completely different shade of green in your head than I do. This has given me a chance to find more specific wording when talking with other designers.


I am fortunate enough that we were able to build a scale model of the set that I was able to go in and light. While I didn’t have as much control over flashlights and other lamps as I would normal stage lights, this still provides an opportunity to show how Tuck Everlasting would have looked.

Act 1 Light Collages



A big part of the story is the cyclical nature of life. This idea leads to a lot of inspiration for my concept of the show. Since this is the beginning of the show, I wanted to represent the cyclical nature idea with colors of a sunrise, and gobos that make the light look like it is coming through the trees just over the horizon. We don't see too much foliage yet, but the idea of the forest is hinted. The colors are warm and hopeful, just as the Tucks are hopeful that 1808 will be their
best year yet.

Act 2 Light Collages

Everything is Golden .jpg

Everything's Golden

This is the moment the Man in the Yellow Suit has been waiting for his entire life. It should feel as if the clouds have cleared, and light is coming beaming down from the sky above. It is bright,
warm, and golden.