Hanna Wagner

Designer Spotlight

A dramaturg’s job is mainly to assist the cast and crew in interpreting the script, and ensure that the production maintains reasonable historic and thematic accuracy. Luckily for me, these jobs were not too affected by the shift online! The main difference for me was, since I was not able to work as directly with the cast: I focused much of my energy on outside research, and eventually brought these dramaturgical ideas into this very website alongside my co web designer Ethan, and our production manager Avery, who worked heavily on the prologue page! 


The fonts you see on this website are inspired by 19th century fairytales and newspapers, as you will see in one of the documents below. I used visual and historic inspiration along with the vision of our director to create a cohesive look. The website functions almost like a lobby display, which is something I would have created in-person as well. I have also collected quotes from the original book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, from the script itself, as well as outside sources - some of which you may be able to spot by navigating this site!


You will also see below questions for cast interviews that we created in order to engage with the themes of the show in a different way, as well as more examples of outside research. Enjoy! 


And a huge thank you to everyone involved in this process; I am so honored to have been a part of it!