Costume Design

Aidyn Stevens

Designer Spotlight

Creating costumes for this production became a much different task than I was expecting. But that came with a new and exciting experience. Being a costumer for the stage, there is a focus on simplicity and effectiveness. What can I put on or make for an actor that will enhance their performance onstage within a very short time frame? By cutting out the physical costumes part of costuming, I really got to invest in the vision of this production.


This vision started with conversations with the director and the other designers. Wanting to have the feel of a storybook, vintage clothing but not necessarily tied to a specific era, and specificity with the use of color. 

Costumers always create renderings of each character for a production. These renderings are meant to give a blueprint for the costume the character will be wearing. The renderings became my main focus and the main product of my time. For each character, I have created a detailed rendering that was drawn using watercolor pencils, and then digitally altered to create the character’s faces and add more details. I created these, and made them with the knowledge that they will become physical human models to go into the model set created by the other designers.


For each character and the ensemble, you will see these renderings in the collages alongside digital fabric swatches, my costume drawings, and inspirational images or images of specific garments. I hope you enjoy and see the vision of these costumes for Tuck Everlasting


Winnies Dress: White long sleeved blouse, emerald green dress with embroidered appliqué and pleats, black bloomers, grey stockings, tan and dark brown boots


Boy Outfit: Grey button up shirt, light green vest, light brown calf length pants, grey stockings, tan and dark brown boots, dark brown cap

Tucks - Jesse

Daily Clothes: Blue shirt, dark brown coat with cuffs, light brown puffy calf length pants, white long socks, brown boots, emerald green suspenders

Hugo & Constable Joe


in the Yellow Suit

Clothes for the fair: White button up shirt, red cravat, yellow coat with tails, long yellow pants, black top hat 


Sneaky coat: A brown regency era coat with added stitching detail to look reminiscent of quilting 


Female Ensemble

Forest Dancer: White gathered short sleeved blouse, white leggings, Multi shaded blue partially sheer empire waist dress with front clasps


Carnival Dancers: White gathered short sleeved blouse, puffy yellow sleeves, red and white striped shirt bloomers, white leggings

Mother & Nana

Mother’s Mourning Clothes: Black high necked blouse, black waist length cardigan, long black skirt


Nana’s Mourning Clothes: Black high necked flared waist coat, knitted black shawl, black floor length shirt, lace hair scarf