Designer Spotlight


Catalina Jarocki, Choreographer; Tracy Anderson, Assistant Choreographer

Catalina's Statement

Being asked to be on this project was an opportunity I could not pass up. As the process moved online, I was unsure about how it would turn out: I had never choreographed a show this big, with this much dance, and to adjust to video performance made this task even more unfamiliar. Even though the numbers to choreograph became less, the workload was the same as a normal musical production.


Our team had to navigate the best way to showcase and teach this material through online sources, something very new to all of us. From teaching choreography over Zoom to uploading a few dance videos to get a perfect shot, this experience expanded my knowledge and skills that will continue to benefit the world of arts. One example for myself would be creating choreography to expressing the meaning or mood of the number, limited by the frame of a smartphone camera and ability for dancers to record it on their own - also keeping in mind the format in which the videos will be shown.


I admire the amazing team working alongside myself, and their ability to continue sharing their passion with the world, even when the possibilities to do so continued to drop. I also admire the cast, who took on their roles in this project and exceeded the material they were given through a small screen and technical difficulties. This experience was as valuable as a normal production process, but in a different way, due to certain circumstances.


Through all the brainstorming, planning, and Zoom rehearsals, I enjoyed this production of Tuck Everlasting and will continue to be inspired by the experience for the rest of my days.

Choreography is More Than Just Dancing...

There is a lot of planning, organization, and communication that goes into creating the choreography for a musical. This level of planning was especially heightened with our show being fully online.


For The Story of Winnie Foster we had to map and plan the dance by assigning parts, writing down timings, and explaining each moment clearly.

We also created idea boards for the actors to try and choose themed outfits for each dance, with the items they already had at home. 

Dance Tutorial: 

This is the way we taught dance, after each rehearsal the actors could access these videos to practice before recording our full dance numbers. Feel free to dance along!